Community Paramedic Program

Our Community Paramedic Program is a unique program that utilizes specially trained Community Paramedics to provide home visits in both Umatilla and Morrow county, for patients at high risk for complications after a recent illness, injury or medical procedure.

The Community Paramedic Program’s mission is to better the health of our community and the patients we serve by:

  • Providing a bridge between the patient’s recent hospital visit and their transition back home or management of chronic illness through medication review, reinforcement of provider instructions and disease education.
  • Providing a quick look at the patient’s living situation and make recommendations for community resources as needed.
  • Encouraging follow up with the primary care provider and health care specialists by identifying and addressing any barriers to follow up.
  • Identifying and addressing urgent and emergent health care needs.

 The goals of our program are:

  • Provide better care through additional health monitoring and education.
  • Promote better health by identifying conditions or potential complications before they become a crisis.
  • Lower costs by providing education and encouraging follow through with health care appointments, therefore reducing costly trips to the ER and hospital readmissions.
  • Connect patients to community services as needed.
  • Ongoing follow-up by Connexions Community Health Workers and Care Transition nurse.

The Community Paramedic Program has been shown to be successful at reducing patient readmissions, decreasing high ER utilization, improve medication compliance and increasing patient satisfaction and connecting the patient with any needed community services. This ultimately results in a better experience and better health for our patients.

Community Paramedics are capable of seeing most any type of patient. Common
community paramedic visit referrals may include patients with:

  • Recent surgery or medical procedure
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Diabetes
  • Pneumonia or COPD

Referrals will be reviewed by a case manager. In addition to a health & home assessment our
paramedics will be able to provide:


 Medication education & reconciliation
 A basic lab evaluation including:
 Urinalysis
 Chemistry panel
 12-lead ECG

A summary report of the health assessment and lab evaluations will be provided to the
patients primary care and/or referring provider.

To make a referral:
 Fill out the Community Paramedic Visit Referral form and fax it to the number listed.
 Please include a discharge note or most recent chart note to assist the Community Paramedic in preparing for the appointment.
 Please inform the patient of the referral so they will be expecting our phone call. The visit will be at the patient’s home within 2-3 days of their referral.
 lf the visit reveals anything urgent, the referring provider will be contacted and if not a summary letter will be faxed to the requesting provider’s office.